Together we can withstand the storms

Christian Aid Week 13 – 20 May

For 70 years, Christian Aid has been supporting people in need around the world; not only Christians, but people of every faith and none. It works through local partners to respond to humanitarian crises and to help people in some of the world’s poorest areas to build sustainable lives. In Haiti for example, there is a desperate need for homes strong enough to withstand the hurricanes that sweep across the island.

During Christian Aid week our team of collectors will be delivering Christian Aid envelopes to every home in the parish. By giving, you can help to build secure, disaster-proof homes in Haiti.

£30 could buy high quality cement.

£50 could buy basic building tools.

£210 could up-skill a local builder to build disaster-proof homes.

We aim to collect all the envelopes, but if yours isn’t collected and you want to donate, please bring the envelope to the Parish Centre next to St Mary’s Church. In addition, if you gift aid your donation its value will be increased by 25%, at no cost to you.

Please give generously. Thank you for your support.

Kate Stross – Parish Coordinator for Christian Aid