Sacred Space

Taizé candles in St Mary’s (Photo: Catherine Cleghorn)


On the last Sunday of each month at 6.30pm we hold a Sacred Space service. This service uses liturgy from the Iona Community and songs and hymns chosen and accompanied by our talented Sasha Johnson Manning.

We are shortly going to alter the liturgy for this service slightly, and will also be encouraging the congregation to share in prayers of intercession and to lead a reflection in place of a sermon if they feel able to do so.

On occasion we have held a Taizé service instead – a form of worship used by many denominations. During this service we sing very simple repetitive songs set to beautiful music and spend 10 to 15 minutes in silent prayer.

The Taizé service is generally candle-lit to encourage the feeling of stillness and to remind us that Jesus is the light in our lives.

Sacred Space has been growing in popularity and so has our Taizé service. Having taken feedback, we have decided to run our Taizé service every other month.

The services tend to finish by 7.20pm and we hope that you will leave feeling the peace of God within you for the new week ahead.

Karen Wilson