Relay race of faith

I wonder if you enjoyed school sports days. And if you did, what was your favourite sport? When I was at school, I often got nominated to do most of the activities, seeing as I was the only girl in my form group who appeared to be even a little bit interested in sport. This was all quite frustrating! But the one thing I loved being a part of was the relay race. There was something about being a member of a team and working together with others toward a common goal that was quite exhilarating. June was quite a big month for me on account of my Ordination, and as I spent some time reflecting on my journey up until this point, I realised that the relay race is a good image for us when thinking about our own journeys of faith.

At the time of writing this article, it is the anniversary of my baptism – a day which coincided with my grandfather’s birthday. My grandparents were great examples to me of what it meant to live the Christian life, and they have both, at different times in their lives passed on the ‘baton of faith’, not only to me, but to countless others as well. They both were involved in the Church, my grandmother leading Sunday School and my grandfather being the Captain of the Boys Brigade unit, and through those many people came to faith. And they are just the start of a long line of people who have encouraged me in the faith, who have prayed for me and supported me along the way, and for that I will be forever grateful. So, this summer, even though you might not physically be running a race, think about who you might pass on the baton of faith to, and give thanks for those who have passed it on to you.

Jess Piper, Curate