My journey to faith and the Home Group

My journey to faith wasn’t achieved by sitting in a pew on Sunday morning: it was made possible by small groups meeting informally on weekday evenings. The groups helped me explore my thoughts about faith, learn more about Christianity and the Bible, and start on repentance and renewal. I met like-minded people, made friends and shared experiences and hope. To me, those groups demonstrated the fundamentals of Christian fellowship and discipleship.

Home Groups operate on the same principles. They are places of fellowship, friendship and mutual spiritual and moral support. They are about learning more about our faith, in theory and practice. They are safe places where you can ask questions, and talk about your thoughts and feelings without fear. Groups are autonomous and have diverse approaches to their mission: one group focuses on prayer, some follow courses offered by the Christian Union and others, while other groups focus on Bible reading. Some meet weekly, some fortnightly, some monthly; some always meet in the same place, while some meet wherever and whenever the members can make it.

To find out more, come to our Home Group Fair on 17th June at the Parish Centre, starting at 12.00. All the current groups will be there to explain the benefits of being part of a regular group, and to invite you to a “taster” meeting.

Mike Duncombe, Adult Discipleship