Kingdom Club 2018

Meeting in the Parish Centre during the Easter holidays, the Kingdom Club 2018 helped about 60 primary school children and a scattering of pre-schoolers explore the true meaning of the Lord’s Prayer and generally learn more about the Gospel. This year the storyline of the ever popular Disney film “Shrek” was used to help put across the Christian message.

When I dropped in on the second morning one of the four groups of children was trying to distinguish between their “needs” and “wants”, with varying results. In this lively session they learned that we need God in our lives to provide us with our daily bread, that is, our spiritual nourishment. Another group were learning about the parable of the sower through a game. The third group was learning an appropriate Bible verse and in the craft room pots were being decorated before being planted with seeds by the final group. Fun and relevance were essential elements in all the activities I saw. The end of each of these short sessions was marked by a burst of “I’m a Believer” in the main hall, to which many of the children danced and let off steam. I had to resist the urge to join in!

Over the course of the week the children learned that if we live with God in our lives, doing things together in a community and not on our own, then we can be truly happy and have heaven on earth. Each year, by working together tirelessly the leaders and teenage helpers make the Holiday Club such a success. I learned, too, however, from chatting with helpers that close friendships can be forged between the teenagers when they get involved, and that their own faith can flourish and deepen.


Hilary Gartside