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Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Developing the Younger Generation

Bowdon Parish are a licensed Duke of Edinburgh Award Centre founded in 2012, we have grown from 40 young people successfully achieving their Bronze or Silver Awards in our first year of operating, to over 120 completing their Bronze, Silver or Gold Expeditions every year.

Young people on our award scheme are able to access the handouts from the expedition training by navigating this DofE page.

We are now inviting applications for our next intake. You can view the application details here, and submit your application here.

The deadline for applications is midnight on 29th Sept, 2018



The key to achieving your Duke of Edinburgh Award is meeting your goals in the areas of Physical, Skill, Volunteering and Expedition, and for Gold there is the addition of the Residential element.

Using eDofE you will record the time you spend and your nominated assessors will confirm that you have met the various challenges that you have set yourself.

Use the downloads below to find out more.

DofE – Volunteering Options – Updated 21 Sept 2018


Kit Guide

Aimed at helping participants and parents to choose and then find the right kit for their expeditions and DofE adventures.

Click here to download the guide.

How to pack your rucksack

First Aid

Learn the Essentials of First Aid.

Click here to download the guide.

Map Reading

An essential part of D of E. Read a map!
Download map reading guides to help you.
Click the links below to download.

Map Reading Made easy
Using the National Grid


Going on an Expedition?
Want some food that will sustain you and tastes great?

Breakfast menu

Lunch and snack ideas

Main meal ideas

Pudding Ideas

Also check out these great cake recipes.

Chocolate and banana cake

Get Fit

10 Steps to getting in shape for your expedition

Click here to download the guide.


Most important bit of gear – get your boot right and life is a comfy place to be. Remember – there are no trendy hiking boots, so you might as well get ones that fit. Download more information here.

Instructions on how to erect the Omega 250 and 350 tents. Download here.

Due to very generous donations by local businesses and individuals, we have been able to purchase kit such as tents, stoves, pans, first aid kits, etc. to reduce the cost to parents both this year and for many years to come. We have:

Created a pool of other personal kit that may be available from Bowdon Parish for people who are struggling financially. Please speak privately to the leader team if this could be helpful to you.

Made an arrangement with our partner DofE organisation so that the remaining big cost personal items can be hired from them.

Worked on a way of organising the list that encourages expedition teams to work together on some items to reduce the weight that individual members need to carry.

With all of the above in mind, we have taken DofEʼs generic list and updated it to clearly show:

1.Personal Kit which you need to buy/borrow
2.Personal Kit which you can either buy/borrow or hire – and we have included the hire form and conditions on the Kit List
3.Kit that will be provided by Bowdon Parish Church
4.Kit that you can put together as a team to reduce the weight

Download our recommended KIT LIST DOWNLOAD


Grid References

Contour Lines



Putting up

a 4 person tent
1 of 2

Putting up

a 4 person tent
2 of 2

Taking down

a 4 person tent
1 of 2

Taking down

a 4 person tent
2 of 2


We’ve put together a list of  that give Skills options (updated 21 Sept 2018) that we know about in our community. Please let Will@BowdonChurch.org know if you’d like an option added to this list.

A very popular Skill option is the Bowdon Cookery Course – a twelve week programme of easy to follow recipes that will equip you to cook a range of meals when you move away from home to study at college or university. For your D of E Bronze or Silver Award, you need to do carry out your chosen skill for an average of an hour a week over a minimum 3 month period.

The Bowdon Cookery Course has been put together by one of our DofE leaders Jennifer Raffle with help from her son George. George is now 18 and lives away from home studying catering. Jennifer is a keen home cook with two sons, George (18) and Arthur (16) and realised last year that she needed to equip her two boys with a range of simple, appealing dishes they could cook for themselves when they left home. The recipes and ideas have been put together from existing family favourite recipes, Georgeʼs GCSE Food and Nutrition coursework, plus new skills learned at college. Some of the recipes have been road-tested by George in his student kitchen. All of the recipes are for main meals or elements of a main meal; they have a maximum of 10 ingredients (plus salt and pepper); they have a maximum 1 hour preparation and cooking time; all the ingredients are not too expensive and are readily available in supermarkets; none of the recipes require specialist kitchen equipment.

You can cook the recipes in any order you like and you can substitute any of of the recipes with your own recipes or with different dishes altogether. Youʼll need to find someone to act as your assessor who cannot be a family member – what about a family friend or neighbour? All they need to do is see or taste evidence (photographic or written or the dish itself) that you have completed the 12 elements of the cookery course over a minimum of 12 weeks (you canʼt do it all over a weekend!) then they can sign off your paper form. Alternatively you can give them your eDofE registration number (not your logon name and password) and they can complete an assessor report quickly and easily online via the eDofE website.

Although a family member canʼt be your assessor, itʼs fine for them to help demonstrate the skills you need for each of the dishes e.g. chopping vegetables, frying, grating, simmering etc. Look in cookery books and go online for help with these skills too. The suggested elements of the course are contained in the PDFs below, simply click and download – remember you can do these in any order and you can substitute any element with your own recipe or a completely different dish if you wish.

In addition to the recipes listed beneath, try these two…

1 -Prepare eggs two different ways (eg boiled, poached, fried or scrambled ) and prepare and steam or boil 2 different fresh or frozen green vegetables (eg fresh broccoli, savoy cabbage, green beans, sugarsnap peas; frozen garden peas, soyabeans or broad beans). No recipe provided for this element.

2 – Prepare your favourite bread-based snack (simple sandwich, cheese or beans on toast, or get adventurous with bruschetta) and some baked potato wedges. Recipe for baked potato wedges provided


GOLD AWARD assessment completion and submission guidelines

Click here for guidelines

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