Christine Barrat 1936 -2017

 “Christine Barrat (Photo: Sasha Johnson Manning)

My mother Christine loved St. Mary’s.  She loved the whole Bowdon church community and always hoped that all would be well with everyone, and that all who came would feel welcome.

After a long and happy career as a music teacher at Withington Girls’ School, during which time she inspired and encouraged countless girls in their music-making, she gained A-levels, a degree in Psychology and diplomas in counselling.

Mum put her qualifications to good use by counselling students and the bereaved, and working as a Samaritan.

She took the plight of others to heart and would support them in her quietly wise way.

She was one of the creators of the Visiting Group, which continues to offer comfort and support to many.

In recent years she began what is now called ‘Afternoon Tea and Conversation’, which encourages companionship and enables new friendships to grow.

Mum took on her role as churchwarden with tireless vigour, using her wit and wisdom in equal measure. She was very pleased that she could give something back to the church that had given her so much joy.

One of her greatest loves was the choir – both as a singer and then as its most loyal supporter. She would rarely miss any choral service, even when she was unwell, and she took particular delight in the progress of the younger singers. Music transcended the tribulations of life for her, and she strongly believed that the cultivation of music in an individual would afford them an invaluable life-tool.

My mother was a good and faithful servant to Bowdon and I like to think that she’s in the heavenly choir, beaming.

Sasha Johnson Manning