Puppets play an important role in children’s ministry and no-one recognises this more than our vicar.

The parish Knitting Collective has decided to honour Ian’s views by creating a knitted Ian to be used in All-Age services. The life-sized puppet will be dedicated in a special service – more details to follow!


Regular Sunday Services

As in March


 Regular Weekday Services

 As in March


Additional Information for Sundays in April-May

  1 Apr                           1st in month, Easter Day

 10.45 am                     St Mary’s Oblations: Cell Groups

 8  Apr                           2nd in month, 2nd of Easter

6.30 pm                       Choral Evensong                      

15 Apr                         3rd in month, 3rd of Easter

22 Apr                         4th in month, 4th of Easter

10.45 am                     Go4th at Bowdon Church School, no Zone2 in the Parish Centre

29 Apr                         5th in month, 5th of Easter

10.45 am                     St Mary’s Oblations: Afternoon Tea and Conversation                      

6 May                          1st in month, 6th of Easter

10.45 am                     St Mary’s Oblations: Bible Reading Groups   


Streets we pray for: 

1 Apr                        Brick Kiln Row, Edale Close, Priory Court, Priory Street

8 Apr                        Primrose Cottages, Primrose Bank, Huxley Terrace, Vale View

15 Apr                       Vale Road, Ledward Lane, Ashworth Close, Apsley Close, Apsley



22 Apr                       St John’s Road, St John’s Court, Albert Square

29 Apr                       Park Road, Cornhill Flats, Marloes, Bucklow View

6 May                        Pinewood, Edgemoor, Nields Brow, Nields Croft




Forthcoming Church Events:

Kingdom Club

Our Easter holiday club for primary school aged children and accompanied pre-schoolers runs from Monday 9 April to Thursday 12 April 2018. There is still time to register! Please see the website for more details and booking, or contact Kisten@BowdonChurch.org for more information.

St Luke’s Coffee Cabin

Mondays, 10.30 am – 12 noon

Drop in for coffee or tea and a toasted teacake or croissant for £1.

Run by Bowdon Cares. St Luke’s Church.

Contact: Liz Taylor-Hayes 0161 928 8563

Afternoon Tea and Conversation

Tuesday 17 April, 2 – 3.30 pm

We meet on the third Tuesday of the month at Bowdon Parish Centre. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a friendly afternoon.

With cake, juice, tea and coffee.

Contact: Kaye Gardner 0161 928 1158

Ladies’ Continental Breakfast

Saturday 21 April, 9 – 10.30 am

‘The Booth Centre and rough sleepers’, a talk by Sue Redford.
Bowdon Parish Centre. All ladies welcome.

Contact: Sue Coles LCB@BowdonChurch.org

Men’s Breakfast

Saturday 28 April, 8 – 9.30 am

A full English breakfast cooked and served.

Nicola Kenrick and John Lambie will be discussing the valuable work of the foodbank.

Bowdon Parish Centre. All men welcome.

Contact: Will Blanksby MensBreakfast@BowdonChurch.org



Eugene Halliday Association

Sunday 8 April, 2.15 pm

Sharing what we are reading

Entrance: £6 including refreshments.

St Luke’s Church.



Funerals: We commend to God

Thomas Morley Price, Sheila Atkins, Beryl Richmond

Baptisms: We welcome into God’s family

Alexander David Carwyn Innes

Christian Aid – Vilia’s story

Vilia lost her mum and her home when the earthquake struck Port-au-Prince in 2010. Bereaved and homeless, she went back to her home town with her husband and children. But life was a struggle, and they had nowhere safe to live.

Christian Aid’s partner KORAL built Vilia a new home that has given protection to dozens of others, too. On the terrifying night in 2016 when Hurricane Matthew hit, 50 of Vilia’s neighbours fled to shelter with her for several days. Despite the ferocity of the hurricane, which swept away surrounding homes, her house was barely damaged.

Vilia is incredibly grateful for the help she’s received, and she’s used it to help others. But she knows that many of her neighbours are struggling and wishes that they could receive help, too.

From 13 – 20 May, during Christian Aid week, churches in Britain will come together to pray, campaign and raise money to improve the lives of people like Vilia. In Bowdon, our team of house to house collectors aims to visit every home in the parish. The money we raise for Christian Aid benefits people of every faith; it is our Christian response to the needs of the world. Our actions this Christian Aid week could help change the life of our global neighbours like Vilia and her family.

Please respond generously to Christian Aid week, by volunteering to help us collect or by giving generously. Thank you!

Kate Stross – Christian Aid Coordinator

The choir café at Bowdon Youth Festival

The café was yet again a great success with all profits going to choir funds to buy new music. The café offered tea, coffee, homemade sandwiches and homemade cakes, all donated by choir members. The cakes were delicious and ranged from lemon drizzle to ginger to brownies. The café was open all weekend and was run entirely by the choir.

The Festival was once again a brilliant platform for the young performers to display their musical and dramatic abilities and is growing in size every year. It was marvellous to see eager faces waiting to perform, some with instruments bigger than themselves! The café becomes the hub of the festival as the youth of Bowdon and surrounding areas wait for their time slots. Not only was the café successful in bringing in over £800 for choir music, but people also commented on how friendly and pleasant the atmosphere was.

Bowdon Youth Festival is a tremendous event and run by such dedicated volunteers who work extremely hard to make this event work for the community. Well done all – it was well worth the tired feet at the end of Sunday.

Gina Cooper

Goodbye Jo

We sadly bade farewell recently to Jo Oughton, who has stopped working for our church after nine years of employment as an administrator and youth worker. Jo has been a huge source of encouragement, inspiration and joy, and a very loyal friend to many of us.

Jo’s work in our parish can be best understood through the testimonies of the young people. When asked to summarise Jo in eight words or less, Grace Webb, a member of Monday Mettle, Street Academy on Wednesdays and Underground on Fridays says: “Jo has completely changed my attitude to faith.”

Clemmie Borthwick, a student at the University of Bristol, writes: “Jo always cares for the individual as well as the youth as a whole. Jo’s involvement in Mettle and Fusion has helped make both groups to be big successes, giving many people the opportunity to find and grow in their faith.”

James Heatley, a student at the University of Oxford, writes: “For me the most powerful thing about Jo is her openness, honesty and vulnerability. Jo has spoken to many of us openly about the sanctifying, life-changing power of Christ. Hearing someone who has had more than her fair share of trials talk about the reviving power of living water is a unique opportunity. But having that same person be someone passionate about young people, talented at connecting with them, and earnestly striving for them to know Jesus makes her so invaluable.”

Our Youth For Christ intern from last year, Joanna Edworthy, writes: “Jo encourages young people with positivity to be leaders in Mettle groups and builds up their confidence. In my opinion, bringing up young leaders is one of the most important roles a youth worker has, and never have I seen anyone do it as well as Jo Oughton.”

We wish you the very best for the future, Jo.

Catherine Cleghorn, Ordinand

Constant change is here to stay

In a fast moving, complex, mobile and multi-cultured world, the old and simple certainties have long gone, and with them the assumption that our country is a Christian one. My wife is a deputy head teacher in a primary school on Merseyside, and every year she gets a graphic picture of an unchurched society. As Christmas comes around, she often finds that only a very small handful of five-year-olds have any concept of what the word ‘Jesus’ might mean at Christmas time. As she builds relationships with their families, she sees again and again that it is not only the parents who have never been to church, but the grandparents who form the first generation of completely unchurched people.

For them, their children and their children’s children, their response to faith and to Christian liturgy could be summed up in the words of a four-year-old child who was overheard by a friend of mine saying her own version of the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father, who shouts from heaven, hello, what’s your name?!”

Frankly, we have to come to terms with the fact that many people in Britain today just do not understand church traditions, hymns, symbols and customs, because they have never been in contact with them. This is why we are joining a growing number of churches who are not only beginning to take what they do into the community, but also completely re-imagining it for those who don’t do church. We invite you to join us and help make it happen as we begin to meet every fourth Sunday in Bowdon Church School. You will also be able to follow the ‘Go4th’ journey through regular updates in the Bowdon Church News.

Phil Potter, Associate Missioner

Moving Mountains in Cumbria

A few weeks ago I was invited by Bishop Libby to form part of her team for the Moving Mountains mission in Cumbria. This is part of the Archbishop of York’s commitment to engaging in mission across the whole of the northern province. And so, with over 300 others spread out across the county, we each spent some time in a particular area. Our team was based in the Cartmel peninsula, and along with the ‘home’ team- made up of ecumenical church leaders- we spent a few days going into schools, nursing homes, pubs, community centres and out in the local area, sharing the good news of God with all those we met.  It was a hugely fruitful experience for all involved, not least me; and the things that struck me most were the fact that, no matter where we went, the good news that we came to share was in fact good, and the reminder that each of us is called to proclaim this news afresh. It is so easy for us to become despondent about the bad news we hear in the press, or overwhelmed by those who tell us that Christianity is on a downward spiral.  And yet, if we look at the Easter story, what we see are men and women who are completely devastated by what has happened to this man whom they believed to be the longed-for Messiah and in whom they had placed their trust, and yet who managed to recognise him in the midst of their misery and proclaim him as their risen Lord. That should be our example and encouragement when we seek to respond to the call of God to share Jesus with those in our community, as all of us are called to do.

Jess Piper, Curate


Lent Streams – 2018 Set aside an evening or 2 to come and try something new – whether its having a sing with the fantastic vocal coach from the Royal Northern, or allowing yourself a couple of hours of space during lent to think more about prayer and ways of reading the bible in sessions […]

Bowdon does Soul Survivor!

We may have taken a year off, but we are already raring to go. In August thousands of young people will meet in Peterborough at the East of England Showground to learn, worship and pray in tents (yes, really). There are huge main meetings every day, with the latest worship music and bands, prayer, and dynamic teaching on situations facing young people. There are also smaller seminars where you can learn about everything from God and mental health to the finer details of scripture.

In the past we’ve seen a week at Soul Survivor do amazing things for our young people, from developing their faith to simple things like helping them to use a potato peeler. The dates for this year are 18-22 August and the cost is £217, which covers transport and food as well as the ticket. There is a reduction for booking before the end of January. We are taking young people from year 8 upwards. Please contact Jo Oughton for more details, or to book: Jo@BowdonChurch.org

Guild of Servers

Servers assist the clergy at all Sunday communion services. The server at a communion service prepares the altar beforehand, performs various specific duties during the service, then clears the altar and washes and puts away the communion vessels after the service.

Anyone who is confirmed and worships regularly can become a server after being trained and commissioned by the Vicar. There is a wide age range and a flexible rota is operated to accommodate individual circumstances (including students who may only be at home during the holidays). Some servers prefer the 8 am service whilst others prefer the 10.45 am service, and this is catered for in the rota.

A very popular Christmas dinner is held each year and donations from this go towards the Parish Project.

Servers find it a great privilege to be able to assist during the service and to be there to help the priest. If you would like to become a server please do get in touch with me on 0161 980 4055.

Alec Bonson, Churchwarden and Chief Server

Editor’s note:
On 5 January, at the 33rd Servers
’ Dinner, 16 people enjoyed an excellent four-course meal cooked by Helen Bonson and friends. Alec and Helen’s hard work and generosity raised £166.50 for ROC.