Bowdon Youth Festival 2017

Bowdon Festival is an annual event which is supported by the church as part of its service to the local community, and the Youth Festival plays an important part. Fundraising events such as concerts are held throughout the year to cover the expenses involved.

The festival allows young people to experience public performance in a supportive environment, with feedback from expert adjudicators.

Classes are offered in music (instruments, voices, ensembles and choirs), speech and drama.

The Youth Festival has an exciting new website at

where the syllabus of classes available can be found. Online booking and payment facilities are available this year to make things easier for performers, parents and teachers.

We need a large number of volunteers to deliver the Youth Festival – it is very rewarding to be involved and the roles are very varied. If you are interested, please contact me on

Susan Sinagola, Chair, Bowdon Festival


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